WHO is Going to Fall Headlong into an Abyss of Decadence?

Dr. Tedros Adhanom

By Netsanet Zeleke

Well, I perfectly recognize the fact that people like me have no power to change the natural or the unnatural, if you will, course of things that may negatively affect billions of people on our planet. But, thanks God, we are, at least, able to air our grievances and feelings whenever we need to do so. This letter from the heart of ‘Ethiopia’, Addis Ababa, is hence, meant to express some timely concerns about who is leading WHO to its demise. As a matter of fact, the demise of an entity/organization may not necessarily happen overnight or may be escaped by hypocrisy and self-righteousness either. Therefore, WHO is free to “elect” Dr. Tedros Adhanom of TPLF, not of Ethiopia, as its GD.

One clear Ethiopian fact any global citizen should understand: It is the conviction of roughly 94% of the Ethiopian population that the ‘Ethiopia’ of today is not the real Ethiopia history knows. This ‘Ethiopia’ of TPLF, a terrorist organization from its inception, is a Fake Ethiopia designed by co-sponsors in such a way that this ISISic terrorist association is accepted as legal body especially among the so called International Community. Enigmatic to me, this International Community is fond of hatching and fostering such groups for a bizarre purpose whose end result is most likely counterproductive.

In the Fake Ethiopia (F-Ethiopia here after), we, the 94%, are under the yoke of ethnic apartheid and ethnic cleansing along with perpetual indiscriminate genocide. This ethnocentric divide and kill system of TPLF has been in place for the last 26 years since the downfall of the Dergue regime. As a make-believe strategy, F-Ethiopia was formed on the grave of the real Ethiopia to enhance the long term plan of Mr. ‘X’ or Mr. ‘Y’ to destroy the pride of this historical nation in the East of Africa.

Be it people in WHO or people anywhere for that matter beautifully know the F-Ethiopia along with what has been done in this fake country by TPLF’s ruling junta. And I prettily understand that this junta has been doing all the evils that men can do according to the interests of the ones who, not necessarily WHO now, had commissioned it to eradicate Ethiopia from both the history and the surface of Planet Earth. The most pandered kid of Mr. ‘X’ or ‘Y’, hence, should be rewarded the most precious mundane awards. As shamelessness has become the fad of this planet, it is no wonder if you promote the cursed and demote the blessed. WHO is applying the motto of one of the Louis’s of France: Mighty is right. In light of this, the first prize our Misters can offer to TPLF being Ethiopia’s financial and material assets, the second is RECOGNITION. Recognition is one of the most valuable intangible properties. Understandably, this kind of present is presented to someone you love most for a number of reasons you only know, and it is expensive as well. Most often, individuals and/or groups spend millions of dollars to earn such empty but useful recognition. Nevertheless, a recognition you get for money is not as viable and natural as the real one which is obtained through hard work and meritocracy; it is futile to earn such fictitious fulcrum to achieve an insincere objective and such attempt is definitely the fruit of sterile and dysfunctional mind.(I wonder how this world is infested by such worthless people nowadays!)

Personally, I do not have any objection or grudge if Dr. Adhanom becomes the GD of WHO. I know he is ‘Ethiopian’, if not practically Ethiopian, for the clear fact that his actions speak loudly that he is anti-Ethiopian. Moreover, I would rather be happy if this awkward phenomenon was not an outcome of mischief and scandalous nature of people who materialized this gruesome reality into fruition.

In reality, I am an Ethiopian and there is no reason that I oppose an Ethiopian to be positioned on a high profile my country needs badly. Ask any Ethiopian; unless s/he is sick, no body negates itself and opposes such elections that help build the positive image of the country. But the question is which country? In the absence of the real Ethiopia, in a situation where F-Ethiopia is controlled by an imposed junta of the aliens, aliens who even sell out, in addition to the genocide and the plunder they carry out on a daily basis, the massive land of the nation to neighboring countries such as South Sudan, the election of this man as GD of WHO is senseless, at least, and a crime at most. The question is a question of representation. This man, in short, does represent only TPLF and TPLF is meant Nihilism and Terrorism in all senses of these terms. In connection with this, I should not be blamed for my failure to support the promotion of devil-incarnate. This man of the cabal society has always been doing what his organization, TPLF, instructs him to accomplish, though the man as a man could have some positive sides. Nevertheless, we should know that a snake is always a snake to whatever extent it may pretend to be a pigeon.

Whoever does it, for whatever purpose it is done, the election of this man is as adding an insult to injury for the real Ethiopia, the real Ethiopia which is to resurrect soon, willy-nilly. It is a matter of time. Ethiopia has been experiencing such devastations, though not in such a historical proportions of a higher degree committed by the TPLFites, throughout her history. And we expect this testing time will pass shortly. The election of this person is nothing to the real Ethiopia, for she is not yet on the scene. It is WHO’s people who are going to face the repercussions of what they are doing now. They will have to bear the consequence(s) of their ignorance of not heeding the cry of millions of Ethiopians. This man’s appointment will heart most WHO, not Ethiopians as such. I personally am not ashamed of him, am ashamed of WHO rather for its decadence to the extent of picking a man with PhD who is unable even to express himself in a language a Kenyan farmer is fluent. Of course, I know language shouldn’t be our major yardstick to measure a person’s caliber, but as a matter of fact it speaks a lot. But the people with a portfolio of deciding the fate of WHO must understand that appointing Adhanom as GD of WHO is the same as assigning the caliphate of ISIS to be the head of World Peace Organization (WPO), if at all there is such an organization. And appeasing a terrorist organization such as TPLF with such an important office is nothing but despising the people of the world at large.

Dear Ethiopians all over the world!

Do not get surprised if this man goes to WHO. We have to realize that this world is becoming funniest especially these days or perhaps since the past 50 years or so. It is not my point here to opine why and how such anomalous things are happening or have to happen. We could say many things from different angles as to why the riffraff are supplanting the best ones, the chaff replacing the grain. Perhaps this ridiculous time has to come into the front scene so that this world has to pass through some sort of suffering before the emergence of the much awaited golden age.

Otherwise, while there are zillions of medical doctors worldwide who have the necessary credentials to wisely lead WHO, we would not have witnessed such stupidity of even nominating an idiot from F-Ethiopia, unless it is a bonanza for TPLF for its blind obedience to its international masters. He is a doctor of Malaria, as to the information I have, and this qualification has nothing to do with the health problems of at least Europe and the Americas; it is so funny. Aren’t there medical doctors with superb skill and experience or are they banned due to their sound personality that cannot be easily maneuvered by idiot merchants and mega companies of pharmaceuticals? Should the WHO be run by an architect of mass killing in the F-Ethiopia when he was the Minister of Diseases, I mean Health? Who is composing this joke of WHO to have a man from the den of mass killers to be its leader? Where is this world heading to? Who the hell is deciding the fate of all of us in this world? Where have the ears of our world leaders gone? What is the cause of all this ignorance and the resultant arrogance? Are the F-Ethiopian current affairs really hidden from the world? Why should they be indifferent at least to their little God, the Conscience? Let them try to listen to what we say before it is too late.

This man’s, Dr. Adhanom’s, “election” has nothing to do with his ethnic group, as perhaps some foolish observers may suggest. This election has rather to do with the following records of his satanic cabal, TPLF. The innermost people of the WHO or those who have the power to manipulate this gigantic organization are very smart and hence know what is happening in the F-Ethiopia. They know, for example, these crude facts - The incessant public uprisings due to untold suppression and oppression, the undemocratic nature of our “elections” which waste millions of dollars in vain, the absolute supremacy of one ethnic group over the others in all walks of life, the ethnic cleansing by the TPLF of the Amhara people along with the concomitant disappearance of some 10 million Amharas in the last 26 years alone, the unbalanced budgets of the so called (fake) Federal States in the F-Ethiopia, the corruption that has stifled the throat of almost all citizens, the poor ratio of statistics the country has such as in medical personnel, number of cars, number of schools, higher education institutions, facilities such as hospitals, courts, potable water, factories, per capita, education, quality of education, number of prisoners of conscience, development and growth indices, etcetera. Moreover, they well know there is no freedom of speech in the country. They know all prisons are full of citizens who demand their rights. They know that the constitution is non-existent and instead the whims of few TPLFites are the rule of the tattered nation. Truth be told, in the F-Ethiopia, I believe, there is nothing positive in the salon of the incumbent government that attracts the WHO or anyone else to elect an expertise to a higher international position unless the intention is to reward this crooked junta, namely, TPLF, for the achievement of one or more of their dishonest objectives. And I think these international people are joking on TPLF and hence saying, “You TPLFites are the saviors of this world in terms of militancy; you are tokens of civilization; exemplars of genuine democracy; sign of enlightenment; advocates of equality, fraternity, and liberty; pioneers of anti-corruption, anti-ethnic, anti-nepotism, anti-neocolonialism, … movements; pillars of harmonious human development …” What a luckiest TPLF! And what an astoundingly reverberant joke of supporters in the twenty first IT generation! I wonder as to why these simpleton TPLFites couldn’t explode yet due to the overflow of excessively flattering praises.

In Amharic, we have this saying, አውቆ የተደበቀ ቢጠሩት አይሰማም:: This saying can literally be translated as, “One who has intentionally hidden himself never answers calls.” This is to mean if one is adamantly arrogant to the extent of despising advices, they never give attention even to the most precious words of wisdom. Yea, but history will judge us all. History’s nuclear power is the most destructive weapon of all times even it is more disparaging than any hypocrisy and/or chauvinism.

Anyhow, Good Luck WHO for the ‘brilliant’ doctor the F-Ethiopia bestowed upon you! Good Luck TPLF (You deserve this disingenuous victory because your campaign has been ferocious and your expenses have presumably been too huge and multi-directional, though they are abundantly taken from the coffers of the oppressed mass)! And Good Luck Dr. Tedros Adhanom for the ‘historic achievement’ you have made, whether you do it or not. We will know the whole story within two days.


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