Somalia: How Regional State Presidents Are Used in Campaign Machinery By Presidential Candidates


Dalsan Radio (Mogadishu): Radio Dalsan Investigative Desk has recently been following up on the activities of the five regional states Presidents in relation to the Wednesday Presidential Elections.

It has emerged that all the five Presidents are in Mogadishu for one sole reason; To be part of a campaign machinery for Presidential Candidates.

Jubaland Ahmed Islam Ahmed Madhoobe is expected to be in Mogadishu by Tuesday but sources tell Radio Dalsan that his protocol has already arrived in Mogadishu and are in contact with presidential candidate Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed .Sharif Sheikh and Madhoobe share a common background and have been linked since the times of the Islamic Courts Union.

Puntland President Abdiweli Ali Gaas arrived in Mogadishu on Sunday and sources close to him say he is backing PM Omar Sharmake´s bid. The source says Gaas has boosted Sharmake´s campaign financially. Gaas and Sharmake hail from the same region of Puntland.

South West Region President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden is reportedly backing Hassan Sheikh Mohamud after mediation by Ethiopia. His decision to support Mohamud came after he was technically locked out of the race in the 4.5 sytem.

A secret deal between the two will see Aden have a say in the selection of a Prime Minister from Jubaland or Puntland and Deputy Mayor of Mogadishu from his region. He is also facing an impending vote of no confidence with Mps claiming he had failed in his tenure as President of the region.

Galmudug President Abdikarin Hussein Guled has been a long time ally of the incumbent President Mohamud. The two are from the same political party and it is said that Mohamud had a hand in his being President of Galmudug after he resigned from being a Minister following pressure from Mps.

He has 36 Mps behind him from Galmudug although he has been facing strong opposition back in Adado where he no longer resides after Mps recently passed a vote of no confidence on him. It is Guled who is said to have convinced Aden to back Mohamud.

The Mps had raised concern over his involvement in Mohamud,s campaigning at the expense of focusing development in Galmudug. He enjoys Mohamud´s backing despite the vote of no confidence. He is said to be the man who is in control of the finances of Mohamud´s campaign.

Ali Abdullahi Osoble is the President of the newly formed Hirshabelle State and he received support from both President Mohamud and PM Sharmake in his bid to become President of the region.

He is said to be supporting Mohamud but also secretly supporting Omar Sharmake according to a source close to him. He is said to have entered into separate deals with the two and each of the presidential candidate expect his backing.

The Four top Presidential candidates are Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Omar Abdirashid Sharmake and Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo. Farmaajo however is seen to be the only top contender with no backing from any of the regional states Presidents.


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