Donald Trump: Our Brother-in-Chief?

By Prof. Al Mariam

Don T. always wanted to be a brother. But not just a regular brother in the hood.

In September 1989, Don T. told an interviewer the kind of brother he wanted to be:

A well-educated black has a tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market. I think sometimes a black may think they don’t have an advantage or this and that… I’ve said on one occasion, even about myself, if I were starting off today, I would love to be a well-educated black, because I believe they do have an actual advantage.


Brother Don T.! Our brother from the other mother. The brother-in-chief to be. Black folks’ BBF (best brother forever).

Or is he the “brother from another planet”? Sorry, that’s the brother in the 80’s sci-fi movie who fled another planet and crash-landed in Harlem.

Bro. Donald T. crash-landed in Queens, about 13 miles from Harlem.

From Exoplanet Living Lies.

At a campaign rally on Planet Earth, Bro. Don T. proudly introduced his chocolate brother in the audience: “Oh, look at my African-American over here. Look at him. Are you the greatest?”

Cynical me! Reminded me of how they used to “introduce” the brothers and sisters at the auction way back in the day:

Show mas’r yer arm Sam – good arm dat mas’r – he do a heap of work mo’ with dat arm yet. Let good mas’r see yer teeth Sam – see dat mas’r, teeth all reg’lar, all good. Come out yer Sam, walk aroun’ an’ let the gen’lm’n see how spry you be.’

Ain’t Sam the greatest, y’all!?

In September 2016, it was Bro. Don K.’s (King, the boxing promoter-cum-boxer-swindler) turn to introduce and urge all the brothers and sisters to support Bro. Don T.

(Isn’t funny that Bros. Don. K. and Don T. have really funny hair? Don K. has gravity-defying hair. Don T. has gravity-compliant hair. But why do these guys always seem to be having a bad hair day every day?)

At a church event in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Bro. Don K said, “I told Michael Jackson, I said, if you are poor, you are a poor Negro — I would use the N-word — if you are rich, you are a rich Negro. If you are a talented intellectual, you are an intellectual Negro. If you are a dancing and sliding and gliding nigger, I mean Negro…”

How Bro. Don T. yearns to be a “rich, well-educated intellectual negro”.

Bro. Don T. repeats himself like a broken record: “I’m really rich.” “I am really smart.”

Damn! If only Bro. Don T. could dance, slide, glide and shuffle? My! My! My!


Bro. Don T. cares about black folks like nobody else. He said, “We’re going to rebuild our inner cities because our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape they’ve ever been in before. Ever, ever, ever.”


Keeping it real!

Bro. Don T. expressed outrage over African American youth unemployment: “If you look at what’s going on in this country, African-American youth is an example: 59 percent unemployment rate; 59 percent.” (He was using figures issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Exoplanet Living Lies.)

Earlier today Bro. Don T. offered a deal no brother in the hood can refuse:

That deal is grounded in three promises: safe communities, great education and high-paying jobs. I will further empower cities and states to seek a federal disaster designation for blighted communities and [promote] the rebuilding of vital infrastructure, the demolition of abandoned properties and the increased presence of law enforcement so we have safety in our community.

Straight outta “The Art of the Deal”.

Tony Schwartz, who was Bro. Don T.’s ghostwriter for “Trump: The Art of the Deal”, told it like it is gonna be if Bro. Don T. elected:

People are dispensable and disposable in Trump’s world. The millions of people who voted for him and believe that he represents their interests will learn what anyone who deals closely with him already knows—that he couldn’t care less about them.

The brothers and sisters already know that.

John Lewis, the civil rights icon and congressman from Georgia is puzzled about how Black folks could be in the worst situation, “ever, ever, ever”.

Lewis said, “I don’t know what Mr. Trump is talking about to say that the situation for African-Americans is worse than it’s ever been. ‘Is he talking about worse than slavery? Worse than the system of segregation and racial discrimination — when we couldn’t take a seat at the lunch counter and be served? Worse than being denied the right to register to vote, to participate in the democratic process and live in certain neighborhoods and communities?’”

I don’t know what John Lewis is talking about: “Worse than New Jim Crow that has resulted in ‘millions of African Americans locked behind bars and then relegated to a permanent second-class status—denied the very rights supposedly won in the Civil Rights Movement’? Worse than the police brutality visited on African Americans that is recorded on thousands of cell phones every year? Worse than the ‘47 percent national high school graduation rate for African American males’”?

Bro. Don T. who wants “to rebuild the inner cities” has been sued by the Justice Department in two separate cases for racial discrimination involving his rental properties in N.Y. City. He settled the cases and promised not to discriminate against black people, Puerto Ricans or other minorities.

Bro. Don T. believes his black employees are “lazy”.

According to John O’Donnell, the former president of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, Bro. Don T. said:

And isn’t it funny. I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” Speaking of a black employee, Bro. Don T. said, “I think the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.”

How ironic! The whole “blacks are lazy” stereotype arose from the days of slavery when the slaves would not bust their behinds working for the white man for free. No wages, no compensation. The mas’r used to complain about his “lazy”, “shiftless” and “good-for-nothing” slaves.

Like Bro. Don T., the mas’r believed “laziness is a trait in blacks (slaves)”.

Are the “59 percent” unemployed Black youth Bro. Don T. chafed about unemployed because they are “lazy”?

Talking about the whole slavery thing, Bro. Ben C. (a/k/a Dr. Ben Carson, world-famous neurosurgeon and Bro. Don T. surrogate) said, “You know Obamacare is really I think the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. And it is in a way, it is slavery in a way, because it is making all of us subservient to the government, and it was never about health care. It was about control.”

Yes, it is the same Bro. Ben C. who said, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

But Bro. Don T. knows where it’s at with the slavery thing and all that. He told it like it is: “The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln. It is the Democratic Party that is the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow and the party of opposition.”

That is to say, the Democratic Party is the New Plantation. Don T. is the new Abe trying to emancipate the slaves from the Plantation. Shouldn’t Black folks be singin’:

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh my, what a wonderful day
When Trump becomes president sunshine be headin’ my way
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay come election day!

Bro. Don T. spread his birtherism for years telling the world that Bro. Barack O. was not a real brother from America. Bro. Barack O. is from Africa. (Is Bro. Barack O. the “well-educated black man” with “the actual advantage” Bro. Don T. would “love” to become?)

A few weeks ago Bro. Don T. had a revelation when he announced, “President Barack Obama was born in the United States.”

But Bro. Don T. still believes Bro. Barack O. is still “Muslim”. That is a Muslim just like Captain Humayun Khan who saved hundreds of American lives in Iraq who died in 2004 when he tried to stop a car loaded with a bomb exploded.

Bro. Barack O. took all in stride. Responding to a tweet from Bro. Don T. that “‘Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States – @RealDonaldtrump.’”, Bro. Barack O. replied, “Well, @RealDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president.” Ouch! Ouch! Bro. Don T., down and out!

Bro. Don T. has issues with the “Eses” too.

Bro. Don T. said Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge presiding over a class action against the for-profit Trump University, could not fairly hear the case because of his Mexican heritage. “He’s a Mexican. We’re building a wall between here and Mexico. The answer is, he is giving us very unfair rulings — rulings that people can’t even believe.”

I wonder how Bro. Don T., the “law and order candidate”, would feel if every African American brother and sister hauled into criminal court could object to every white judge and prosecutor because of their “Caucasian heritage” and because they have a history of “giving very unfair rulings and prosecutions — rulings that people can’t even believe.”.

Curiel, born in Indiana, was one hell of a tough, law-and-order, hardnosed prosecutor who served as Chief of the Narcotics Enforcement Division in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Southern District of California who went after the Mexican drug cartels making him a target for assassination.

The cheap shot on Curiel was too much even for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) who said, “Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment.”

Bro. Don T has big problems with all the “Eses”. He “assumes” (does not know for sure) “some are good people.”

Bro. Don T. said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people… What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.”

El Loco Trump!

Bro. Don T. does not want Muslims or Jews. His plan is a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

It is not clear if he wants a “total and complete shutdown” on Jews.

What is clear is that he does not want their money. He told a gathering of Jewish Republicans:

You’re not gonna support me even though you know I’m the best thing that could ever happen to Israel. And I’ll be that. And I know why you’re not going to support me. You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money. Isn’t it crazy?”

What does that mean translated from “Trumpese”?

Is Bro. Don T. saying he does not want “Jewish money” because if he accepts their money they will “control” him? Is he saying, “I am not for sale to you in exchange for large campaign contributions?”

That is rather funny because Bro. Don T. insists that “the only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”

I remember the time Bro. Don T. twitted a picture depicting Hillary Clinton with a large six-pointed Jewish Star of David against a backdrop of $100 bills with the words “most corrupt candidate ever.” Is Bro. Don T. suggesting that Hillary by accepting “Jewish money” is bought off?

It seems Bro. Don T. is more comfortable getting money and support from those guys who worship the Star of David Duke.

Bro. Don T. has refused to condemn the white supremacists who are campaigning for him.

Bro. Don T. even lied about knowing who the KKK Imperial Wizard is. “I don’t know anything about David Duke.”

In 2000, Bro. Don T. running for president as a Reform Party candidate said, “Well, you’ve got David Duke just joined — a big racist, a problem. I mean, this is not exactly the people you want in your party.”

But David Duke and his ilk are “exactly” the people Donald Trump has invited into the Republican Party.

So, let’s gather and sing kumbaya, “Hail to the (Chief) Soul Man”:

Comin’ to ya on a dusty road
Good hatin’ I got a truck load
And when you get it you got some hatin’
So don’t worry cause I’m coming

I’m a soul man
I’m a soul man

I’m Trumpman
I’m Trumpman

And brothers, I’ll make it hell every day
So brothers don’t you fret
‘Cause you ain’t seen nothing yet

I’m a soul man
I’m a soul man

I’m Trumpman
I’m Trumpman


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