Several people arrested at USA airports following Trump’s refugee order

Donald Trump holds up Executive Orders he signed in the Pentagon on January 27, 2017.

UN appeals to Trump after the decision on refugee peak

An Iraqi man who travelled from Stockholm was arrested in New York

Several people arrested entering the U.S. after Trump's refugee order, which temporary banning refugees and immigrants from some Muslim majority countries entering the US.

Lawyers for the two Iraqi men arrested in New York, one of them will be traveling with Norwegian Air from Sweden, has now appealed the arrest.

UN also appeals to Donald Trump that he should think again and continue on America's "long tradition" to welcome refugees.

"We hope that the US will continue its leadership and its long tradition of protecting those fleeing conflict and persecution," the UN statement.

Yesterday wrote Donald Trump during an executive order aimed at stopping the Islamic terrorists from entering the United States.

In practice, order a temporary halt to the refugee reception - and a total ban on entry for people from seven Muslim countries that have "big problems with terrorism." The seven countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

We just want them to support our country and love our people, said President Trump yesterday.

Several people have already been denied travel to the US

Even today, Trump's orders executed. Five Iraqis and a Yemeni are banned from boarding a flight between Cairo and New York, in the Egyptian capital.

The passengers, who according to the source had valid US entry visa, should have been stopped and referred to the flights back to their home countries. Even people with “green card”, then a residence permit in the United States, denied entry, reports Reuters news agency.

Lawyers have now filed appeals against Trump's orders. Lawyers representing two Iraqi refugees were arrested at JFK airport in New York, according to the executive order, have appealed the decision.

One refugee, Hameed Khalid Darweesh, 53, reported the New York Times have worked for America's behalf in Iraq for ten years. He arrived with a flight from Iraq.

Darweesh was released, according to several American media.

An Iraqi who flew with Norwegian from Stockholm

The other person, Sameer Haider Abdulkhaleq Alshawi, 33, is reported to have traveled to New York to reunite with his son and his wife who live in Houston, Texas.

Alshawi traveled with a Norwegian-flight from Stockholm. 8:22 am in the morning. He was arrested after rising from the aircraft.

These are people with valid visas, said Mark Doss, one of the lawyers representing the Iraqis, the New York Times.

Their cases have already been addressed by the State Department and Homeland Security where they have been given permission to enter the United States.

Hameed Khalid Darweesh
Hameed Khalid Darweesh, center, after being released from detention at Kennedy Airport on Saturday. (Photo: VICTOR J. BLUE FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES)

UN urges Trump

In a statement from the UN refugee agency UNHCR and the IOM (International Organization for Migration) asks to the United States to continue its "long tradition" to accept refugees, regardless of colour, nationality and religion.

IOM and UNHCR also wrote that they "hope that the US will continue its leadership and its long tradition of protecting those fleeing conflict and persecution."


The purpose of the paused receipt is that new, stricter control procedures to be introduced. What they will consist of is not known. CNN reported that Donald Trump wants the US authorities should have the right to ask the refugees about their religious beliefs.

The executive order had already yesterday harsh criticism from several quarters.

"The tears running down cheeks Statue of Liberty in the evening," wrote Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democrats in the Senate, on Twitter yesterday.

America is stronger when we welcome those who escaped from our enemies. This procedure does not require the United States first. I am ashamed that he is our president. Trump will lead our country out of fear instead of facts. This play our enemies right into the hands, said Seth Moulton, Democratic member of the House of Representatives in a statement.


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