Israeli company signed a $400,000 contract to build sewage treatment plant in Addis

Addis Ababa

Israeli company, Emefcy Group has signed a $400,000 contract for the second time in Ethiopia related to its energy-efficient wastewater treatment solution.

The company will supply its proprietary technology for a new wastewater treatment plant for a large residential compound (condominium complex) in Addis Ababa.

The plant will replace the existing septic system with an energy efficient, reliable, and neighbourhood-friendly treatment and reuse system.

Emefcy will generate a revenue of about US$400,000 from this contract.

The plant will utilize Emefcy’s proprietary Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) wastewater treatment system, an ideal solution for medium-sized applications in developing markets.

The plant can turn untreated sewage into high-quality recycled water at a low cost.

The MABR solution is anticipated to improve the quality of life for residents and serve as a strategic reference site for customers in Ethiopia, Africa and throughout the developing world.

Existing septic systems throughout Ethiopia are often unreliable, overflowing and not environmentally friendly.

Emefcy’s estimated addressable market is over US$1 billion in Ethiopia alone.

The company is also working on the previously announced wastewater treatment plant at Ayder Hospital in Tigray, Ethiopia, which is now under construction.

Emefcy made significant progress during the December 2016 quarter in implementing its strategy to become a major supplier of MABR wastewater treatment solutions to rural villages in China.

The company is well funded with cash and cash equivalents of US$23 million as at 31 December 2016.


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