Ethiopia’s Prime Minister reshuffles cabinet after protests

(EZ) Hailemariam Desalegn on Tuesday appointed five technocrats and half a dozen people from Oromia, the region where the unrest began a year ago, in an effort to give the government a more broad-based appearance.

Analysts described the reshuffle as a positive step but largely cosmetic. They stressed it was unlikely to appease the opposition, which want a new political system and open elections. The new Oromo ministers are all affiliated to the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, which has ruled the country for 25 years.

Cabinet members who remained in their previous posts:-

1. Demeke Mokonnen - Deputy Prime Minister
2. Siraj Fegessa - Defence Minister
3. Kassa Tekleberhan - Federal Affairs and Rural Development
4. Debretseyon G/Michael _ Ministry of Information and Technology
5. Ahmed Abtew - Ministry of Industry
6. Abdulfetah Abdulahi - Ministry of workers and social affairs
7. Yenager Dessie - Commissioner of National Planning
8. Getachew Ambaye - Federal Prosecutor
9. Asmelash W/Silasie - Minister at the House of Peoples' Representatives.

New Appointees:-

1. Workeneh Gebeyehu - Ministry of Foreighn Affairs
2. Tagese Chafo - Ministry of Public Service & Human Development
3. Abreham Tekeste - Ministry of monetery and Financial collaboration
4. Minitry of Commerece
5. Fekadu Beyene - Ministry of animals and fish development
6. Eyasu Abreha - Ministry of agriculture & natural resources
7. Getahun Mekuria - Ministry of science an technology
8. Mohammod Shide - Ministry of Transport
9. Ambachew Mokonnen - Ministry of Urbun houses
10. Ayesha Mohammod - Ministry of Construction
11. Seleshi Bekele - ministry of water, irrigation and electric
12. Motuma Waka - Ministry of mines and petrolium
13. Gemeda Dalle - Ministry of local forest development & climate change
14. Shiferaw Teklemariam - Ministry of education
15. Yefru berhanu - Ministry of health
16. Girma Amente - Ministry of government development agencies
17. Hirut Woldemariam - Ministry of culture and turism
18. Demitu Ambisa - Ministry of women & children
19. Restu Yerdaw - Minisrty of youth and children
20. Chane kebede - Ministry of revenue & custume
21. Negeri Lencho - Ministry f government communication affairs.


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